About Yvette

About the Artist - Yvette Mimieux

I dream of color. I can taste it, smell it, feel it.  Color inspires me.  It can delight me or make me nostalgic.  The right combinations of color can create in me a romantic sense of longing.  Color sings to me.  It is energy.  It is joy.  Working with color makes me feel like a child at play - free, vital and flowing.  Color excites and inspires me.  It is exuberance itself and the indispensable black and white are its perfect foils. 

The quality of light is my other great source of inspiration.  The quality of low winter light creating hard light and shadow, mysterious and romantic.  The quality of Mediterranean light filling the soul with optimism and joy. Shafts of light filtering down through a dark, mossy forest. Silvery white light on the coast of Normandy, like shimmering mirrors.

And, nature, for me, is the breath of life itself.  The silence and purity of the Kalahari Desert.  The magnificent emptiness of snow fields.  The different aromas of oceans around the world, each with its own particular essence. The energy of pounding waterfalls of giant waves.  The warm embrace of a hot, steamy tropical jungle.

In truth, my subconscious is always creating - things come to me in a half sleep, in the morning or at night, and in a moment it bursts through and I am on fire.  It flows and burns to be expressed.  I have lived and loved it all and have been blessed with every bit of it.  This is what I feel and hope to share in my work.