During the building of our hacienda in the Yucatan jungle, I became enamored of many of the extraordinary objects that washed ashore on the solitary beaches of our nature reserve.  Each object made its own mysterious journey through the sea, riding the ocean’s currents from South and Central America north to the Yucatan Peninsula. With the help of my Mayan friends, we painstakingly floated these large tree trunks through the surf and hauled them ashore to my studio in the jungle, where I work, bleaching, curing, drying, visualizing and transforming them into objects of art. Each piece speaks of its own mysterious origin.  My brushes and paints intuitively follow their contours and lines.  The end results are these huge installation pieces, each with its own energy and stature.

While walking around the construction sites of the three houses I’ve built, I became intrigued by the sensuality of some of the most sturdy materials.  The combination of their innate utility and the beauty of their “standalone” shapes amazes and inspires me.  The possibilities are endless.

These extraordinary creatures “were picked live” from our bird-of-paradise trees, cleaned, sealed, then lacquered and painted.  Their energy, shape and forms speak of wild things in flight exploding in space, describing the uniqueness that only exists in nature.